Sustainability traditionally attempts to alter the natural world as little as possible, intending to leave it unchanged by human occupation. It seeks to mediate between human utility and comfort on the one hand, and the natural world on the other, to seek a balance between human goals and the idea of natural stability. In doing this, it accepts the limitations on the use of human technology imposed by its impact on natural conditions

Industrialization alters the natural world, transforming the natural environment by altering natural materials and processes. In doing this, it seeks to create a globally universal and uniform environment with a high premium on human utility and comfort through the application of human technology, regardless of the cost in natural stability.

The approach to discussed on this site proposes to go beyond sustainability, to advance and incorporate a post-industrial technology which redirects, rather than alters, natural processes to satisfy a high premium of human utility and comfort, without sacrificing natural stability. This is more fully discussed in:

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