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Example: Application to a sloped site.
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Example: Application to a flat site.
Integrated Energy Systems
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The diagram on the left describes an example of the Post Industrial principle of collecting and redistributing energy already present in the environment, - instead of creating it by burning [fossil fuel].

Energy in nature is stored in physical conditions - gravity-driven running water, or wind, or sun. Sometimes this energy is in a potential state, as in water perched at a higher elevation, before gravity makes it flow to a lower one, or is incremental, such as intermittent wind.

Designing with this requires organizing incremental ways to use intermittent events to develop potential energy. In this instance, wind-driven pumps lift small increments of of water over time from a lower to a higher elevation. The collected water, released periodically, turns micro-generators to produce electricity. Given the right conditions of relative time, scale and distribution through a large enough network of interconnected sites, it should require only incremental bursts of flowing water to maintain continuous operation of magnetically suspended inertial generators.