Rising sun.
Above: Optical system in "grey sky" or lightly clouded conditions. The lenses broadcast the proportion of light rays which pass through the clouds undiffused - the "brightest part of the sly". See next page for enlargement.
Mid-morning sun.
The sun's brightness, even at higher lattitudes, is about 10,000ft.candles. Most room lighting demand is usually not more than 200ft.candles, so the system can deliver at very low effiicency and still be vary bright.
Sun shown at winter apogee at 45th parallel.
Paired lenses. One inside. One outside.

Below: About 900 ftc.on surface of walkway 40 ft. below system.
Above: Diagram of the "fixed" sunlight distribution from PSO system throughout the day.

Right: Actual distribution of sunlight a shown in diagram. This an early morning view, before the sun is fully up in the sky.
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